Courtland has been the proud home of a local newspaper for well over 100 years. In 1903, the first issue of The Comet was published in Courtland Kansas as a competitor to the Courtland Register which had been hitting the presses since 1890. The Comet was renamed The Courtland Journal in 1915 when it was purchased by Bruce and Francis Borren. The paper changed hands several times until it was purchased in 1990 by Robert and Coleen Mainquist. Robert continues today as the editor and publisher of The Courtland Journal and publishes a weekly paper along with his dedicated staff. The original subscription for The Courtland Journal was one dollar a year. Today you can have a subscription delivered in Kansas for only $28.21 or delivered out-of-state for $33.00 a year. We are truly blessed to have a locally-owned and operated newspaper to report all of the great things happening in the Courtland area. One of the Courtland Journal’s favorite features is the Football Contest, which happens every fall. You can join The Courtland Journal’s Facebook page to get current photos and news for Pike Valley Schools, as well as events happening in our communities. The Courtland Journal’s advertising rates are very affordable. Send Bob or Steve a message to to learn more about the advertising packages that they have to offer. Call (785) 374-4428. A big Courtland salute to Robert and Coleen Mainquist on all of the news that they brought to our doorstep over the years.