Chris and Adrianna Coffman are two of the newest members of our community, and the newest business owners on our Main Street.
The Hospitality industry is a family affair for Chris and Adrianna, and they both grew up working in their respective families restaurants in Gloucester Virginia and Denver Colorado.
Chris and Adrianna decided they wanted a different quality of life, and made the decision to move their family to a small town. We were lucky enough they found Courtland before anyone else found them. Chris maybe puts it best when he says they “wanted a more authentic life, where they were productive members of a community, instead of just productive members of society”.
Pinky’s continues to evolve with Chris and Adrianna at the helm, and they recently launched an all new menu that includes Artichoke Spin-Dip and FryBread, hand-pattied burgers, homemade chicken wings and entrées including salads, steaks and fish. They have also expanded their selection of beverages and now offer Busch Light and Goose Island IPA on-tap.
One new thing at Pinky’s this holiday season is carry-out food for your holiday gatherings in your home. Give them a call to find out the wide selection of options they have for carry-out or catering.
In talking to Chris he said when the came to town they opened an account at Swedish-American State Bank based on convenience, but that they continue to move more of their banking services to us because of our personal home-town service.
A big Courtland Main Street Salute to Chris and Adrianna Coffman and their family for joining our community, and keeping us well fed and watered.